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Cuernavaca, Morelos., Mexico August 4, 2018. - What we look at in a holistic way in the design of the President-Elect government of the United Sates of Mxico, being able to say 4th Reform; it is a change of more conservative model which we see is positive for this country, not moving away from the global dynamism or the evolutionary changes that the world as a whole demand, but with a touch of sobriety that is sorely lacking in the processes social involutes more than registered in the Nation, this deserves it.

Mxico has reached a turning point in terms of a change of paradigm call government form of what happened in this last decade where the system itself by decomposition synergy has thrown a dysfunctional social and political environment which as a country could not even can support more., the variable that gave support to the synergy of governance was given by the economic part that served as a pillar of support for society and in turn gave room for manoeuvre to the governments of these last six years, but the model - in which there was no real change - it actually came to and end.

It is not our criterion to touch in depth what represents what burst the social economic model of Mxico., the causes are diverse and deep, the diagnosis we believe has been touched by different -and recognized- writers., What we want to reflect from a holistic and extractable form is what we see as a turning point on a forward policy correction for this Nation. In principle, there is a conceptual reorganization of the entire system -a difficult paradigm- but necessary.

As we know inside the chaos there is order, inside this chaos is when the changes of Nations are more feasible to do them and in a much faster way., Why? It is when the political and social systems are in a sensitive and manageable point to achieve them, the populations adjust in a more rapid acceptance than when the systems are rigid, likewise - but it is the strongest in this case of acceptance -the political class. It is necessary to take advantage of the historical structural pillars of this country to make the transformations that are required because, as already mentioned, the system alone has already given its functional performance over time.

A very positive point that we see and believe will be fundamental for this country is the "Government Decentralization", we think that whoever, the one that has seen or has had create this architecture in reality has a vision of a statesman, because it is a vision of balanced of growth of country and not only that, it is a demographically balanced growth. We touched on this issue a decade or so ago but in a form of world demographic reordering., in which Our analysis told us in which areas of the world it was required to stop the birth rate and in which areas it should be increased.

Well., this design, is with that vision but includes the economic-financial part, and therefore makes it more relevant., What we can analyse and define in this program, first., That the population concentration in the metropolis will be reduced and / or not will increase., so only in this line is extremely important because “Mxico City” no longer gives acceptance of more population concentration, no more. The basic deficiencies such as water and the urban space in density and exploitation are at a critical point, we would say very critical.

This important city and world metropolis., as the decades pass, it must remain to be that, to be a metropolis of quality and world standards., With the "Decentralization Scheme" that arises is one of the points that touches a definitive form., where in the medium term the governments of the city will be given the task of adapting the city to the global development models of the cities, and not to the task of seeing where they place the populations that settle in the city. Same because of deficiencies in their communities. The challenge is immense but it is the moment in time to do it now and / or face a metropolis that will not be lived or functional for more years to come. With all its consequences that this entails on the human plane.

The reflection that we make of this scheme is that it has a vision of empathic growth through the territory of the country and even more a harmonic structural growth for more than 5 decades to tie and/or homologate the states., The points of development by state we believe which should be in a staggered form., from the tip of the pyramid downwards, which we mean, that should start with the smaller secretaries -although the heads of these secretariats begin to work from the announced points- to conclude the total process in an orderly manner and real, the development in turn economic-financially is another extremely important factor as the poles of development by states will be an attractive factor for the growth synergy of Banking and the other branches of the Financial Sector.

The financial sector will benefit from attracting the resources that the growth programs will produce. This in the short term, in the medium term the financial sector will obtain inflows of resources due to the growth of the (GDP) of the states that will accelerate by this polices, which will result in a population benefit because they will have the opportunity to have a financial culture and not only because of the tightness of the Banking Account’s., Also, State Governments will have a remuneration via taxes for the capture of bank records itself, likewise sectors of the same trunk as insurance and financial will be benefited. As a result, this "Decentralization Scheme" in the heading of capital flows and net capital and direct investment; its effective.

It is so., because we do not want to continue deepening in all the new models proposed by the next government., but we see, in the Cabinet of Mr. Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador one., that hires head’s of much experience and of long trajectory in the scope of the Nation with so much historical knowledge as a novelty and freshness due to age of some of them., issues and very important that has taken as a basis in what corresponds to the "Gender Equity."

Appointing the first woman in the history of Mexico as Secretary of the Interior and in many more Relevant charges.

"The International Out Look”, in response to the fact that it has been trusted both in the sphere of Heads of State and in the Financial Plan."

This is how we see opportunity: The United States of Mxico as a Country of Hope., in Face to the World. This is, referring to a Thought and Policy in their time, of the Next President of Mexico.

Reference: JIFC (04)

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